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Search until you find an "Investigate" symbol
A split image that runs from the left side to Lost Ark Gold the right player searching ferns, map of Loghill, Cook Hely crafting menu

One of Rethramis less appealing recipes is derived from Loghill's fields. Loghill. It is recommended to go towards your East Oratory. The southeast part of the field, just beneath in the East Oratory area, there is a small clump of pale ferns that are surrounded by White Redbeak mobs.

Search until you find an "Investigate" symbol. Interacting with it will gather... the disgorged Lump. Yummy. You can take this to Cook Hely back in Prideholme for them to create Protein Packed White Bird Stew that costs 1400 dollars. The "protein" comes from bird meat, but rather the stuff they cough up. Ugh.

Image split from right to left: Aquilok's Head secret entrance, map of the Aquilok's Head Aquilok's Head, brown sack found on cave floor

This recipe is going to lead you on a thrilling cheapest Lost Ark Gold little adventure. To get it, you first need to visit the Aquilok's Head Dungeon located in Ankumo Mountain. Follow the right wall of the pathway, and the first nooks you will come across a metal lever with an activation icon. You can use it to remove the giant boulder blocking the secret space. Explore the area, and you'll find an undiscovered Mokoko Seed!